Our Services

We provide web development, data analysis and consulting services

Web development

Web development

Some of the web development services we offer


Are you trying to connect researchers in your institution or in your consortium? We can help you by building an interactive networking and communication platform.

Alumni communities

Interested in strengthening connections between your alumni? We build custom networking and alumni management systems.


Use our job board if you are interested in advertising open positions in science and engineering. We also build custom recruiting and application management systems.

Event organisation

You'd like to organise a scientific event, but need help? Contact us for information about our event organisation application.

Data visualization

You have data you wish to visualize in a web application? We can help you by building a data management system with interactive visualizations.

Data analysis

Our data analysis services

FIJI macros

We make Image J (Fiji) macros to help you with analysis and processing of microscopy image data.

R scripts

Custom R scripts you can use to process your microscopy or proteomics data and create publication-ready figures.

Data analysis

Would you like us to analyze your data? Contact us if you need a custom data analysis solution.


Our consulting services


Improve your science communication and outreach! We can assist you with technical solutions and practical advice.


Aside from web development services, we can also help you with marketing strategies.

Science policy

We also provide advice related to open science and science policy issues.

Contact Us

You have an idea for a project and would like to talk to us? Contact us at [email protected].